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Eithna’s By the Sea - Seafood Restaurant, Sligo - Menus

We cook everything in-house, with breads baked on the premises and all our desserts homemade by Eithna. All our food is produced and sourced locally; organic vegetables come from Aidan Gillen at the Tattie Hoaker Community Organic Farm in  Cliffoney, fresh fish from mackerel and hake to squid, clams and mussels is brought in from the Mullaghmore fishing boats daily and our lobsters come from the lobster pond beside the restaurant. 

And if you're not a fish-lover, there's plenty of other options available from meat to vegetarian dishes.

Daily Specials feature on the blackboard inside the restaurant.  Soak in the sun's rays at a table outside the restaurant when the weather is good overlooking Mullaghmore beach and harbour.  Alternatively, the tables inside the restaurant offer excellent sea and harbour views.

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Homemade Fresh Vegetable & Herb Soup  served with Eithna's homemade brown scone €5.50
Creamy Mullaghmore Chowder with chunks of seafood & mussels    €8.75

Open Sandwiches all served on Eithna's Brown Scone & with tossed organic salad leaves from Tattie Hoaker Farm, Cliffoney

Sliced roasted free range Irish chicken with Eithna's red onion marmalade, organic herb & pesto €9.75
Seafood Selection of Pollack, Smoked Haddock & Salmon, mixed with mayonnaise, lemon juice, fresh herbs and scallions €9.75
Slices of Donegal Smoked Salmon on brown bread with capers, lemon and pesto €9.75
Eithna's Lentil Dhal served warmed with organic herb pesto, sundried tomato and brown scone €9.75
Five Mile Town Goats Cheese with red onion marmalade, sundried tomato and organic herb pesto €9.75
Local Cliffoney Burns Butchers 6oz Minute Steak, served on Garlic Ciabatta Bread with red onion marmalade, mayonnaise & fries €14.75
Add a cup of our homemade soups or chowder to any of the above sandwiches €2.75
All sandwiches are available on Ciabatta bread for an additional €2.00

Seafood Selections

Donegal Bay Fish and Chips served with organic salad, our tartare sauce and chips €16.95
Donegal Mussels cooked with cream and wine - large portion €18.50
Donegal Mussels cooked with cream and wine - smaller portion €14.50
Donegal Bay Shellfish Platter, #1, Half Lobster & Cracked Mullaghmore Crab Claws in the shell, served with garlic butter & homemade bread €35.00
Donegal Bay Shellfish Platter, #2, Half Lobster & Craked Mullaghmore Crab Claws in the shell, Mussels in a cream & wine sauce, served with garlic butter and homemade bread €45.00
Add Chips per portion        €3.00
Add an Organic Salad Bowl    €3.75

Little Surfers Menu for Children

Pasta with Eithna's homemade Tomato Sauce with parmesan or cheddar cheese    €6.50
Penne Pasta with Chicken & Tomato Sauce with parmesan or cheddar cheese €10.50
Mullaghmore Fish & Chips €8.50
Chicken Nuggets & Chips €5.75
Mussels & Chips €14.50
If you would like smaller portions, or if we can help to accommodate your child's eating options in any way, please ask your server.  


All Desserts are homemade by Eithna, freshly baked each day.  
Fruit scones, freshly baked daily,  served with our homemade jam    €2.50
Chocolate & Nori (seaweed) Meringue Swirl with fruit compote and cream €4.75      
Eithna's Apple Tart, with a hint of cinnamon & cream €4.75
Lemon flavoured Raspberry Sponge topped with Homemade Lemon Curd & Coconut €4.75
Chocolate & Walnut Brownie €4.75
Chocolate Pear & Almond Tart with a pastry base €4.75

Teas & Coffees

Americano €2.50
Latte €2.70
Double Espresso €2.70
Cappuccino €2.70
Mocha €2.70
Double Espresso €2.70
Hot Chocolate €2.70
Herbal Tea €1.80
Tea €1.70


Coke €2.00
Diet Coke €2.00
Club Orange €2.00
7up €2.00
Still Water €2.00       
Sparkling Water €2.00
Applie Juice    €2.00
Orange Juice €2.00

Typical Daily Specials

During the day and evening, a blackboard of Daily Specials in put up in the restaurant. These specials consist of catch landed that day from the harbout in Mullaghmore or Donegal Bay area. They include fresh Donegal Bay prawns, sardines, squid, spider crab, whelks, pollack, monkfish, John Dory, ray wings and mackerel, all season and subject to availability. See PDF Sample Specials here.  

Vegetarian Options

Lentil Dhal, Goats Cheese, Baked Aubergine Parmigiana, Penne Pasta with Parmesan and Rocket, Wild Food Risotto with Homemade Pestos, Couscous with Moroccan Spices, Fruit and Chargrilled Vegetables.  




Avocado mixed with crab meat and tomato salsa €8.50
Five Mile Town Goats Cheese Salad with roasted beetroot and Eithna's beetroot chutney €8.50
Homemade Tattie Hoaker Organic Herb & Vegetable Soup €5.50
Eithna's Homemade Lobster Chowder €8.50
Donegal Smoked Salmon Salad €8.50


Mullaghmore Shellfish Platter of half lobster, cracked crab claws & prawns in the shell with garlic butter €35.00
Shellfish Platter of half lobster, prawns in the shell, crab claws in the shell & mussels cooked with white wine & cream, served with garlic butter €45.00
Donegal Bay Mussels in a cream and wine sauce €19.50
Wild Atlantic Mullaghmore half hot garlic lobster €27.00
Wild Atlantic Mullaghmore whole hot garlic lobster €50.00
Wild Atlantic Half Lobster Thermadore (thermadore: cream, parmesan, butter, brandy & shallot sauce) €27.00
Whole Wild Atlantic Mullaghmore Lobster Thermadore €50.00
Local Sourced Burns Butchers of Cliffoney 12oz Sirloin Steak with creamy peppercorn sauce €26.00
Rack of Cliffoney Lamb, cooked to your liking & served with red wine sauce with fresh thyme & rosemary €26.00
Chargrilled Supreme of Chicken with Parmesan Cheese, Cream Sauce served on a bed of Pasta €18.50

Vegetarian Options - as for Daily Menu above

All Mains on Evening Menu will be served with a potato gratin and vegetable of the day  
Please check with your waiter/waitress regarding any allergies. We work with shellfish and gluten daily.  

We hope your enjoy your meal and seafood experience at Eithna's By the Sea Restaurant.

a "must visit" for all the family"